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About us

Manon the grocer

Manon Robert comes from a family that owned an orchard and land. Her love for the products of the land dates from early childhood. At home, the origin of food has always been a part of family values. This is why Manon attaches great importance to the foods that furnish our plates. This is one of the goals she wants to promote in her delicatessen.

Manon Robert is passionate about fine products, an ambassador for producers and artisans who have the same concern as her for the quality of the products they design.

Her love for olive oils

Manon always had a fascination with plants, including one tree in particular; olive Tree. From her beginnings as a grocer in her new business, she one day wanted to own her own olive oils; Arrequina ( - La Picual ( Today, not only does she have her own, but she has one of the largest selections of oils (2.1) in Quebec in her grocery store (Over 200 kinds of olive oils).

The Albert Café

The Albert Café is a neighborhood café-bistro located in the heart of downtown Saint-Hyacinthe. This café offers a varied selection of coffees, sandwiches, salads, pastries, refreshing beverages and many other choices to discover. Its concept is modern with a European atmosphere.

Located inside the Les Passions de Manon delicatessen, Le Albert Café invites you to live the “European market” experience inside and out, 7 days a week. pets are welcome on a leash.